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Why tie Medical Marijuana and fishing?  Well, why not?  Some things just go well together.  Like bars, alcohol and trouble.  Or a bowl of my meds, fishing pole in hand, good friends and peace of mind.  I’m not trying to promote anything, just saying that my friends and I who have Medical Marijuana also have a good time fishing.  No fights, no cans scattered about, no crashed cars or hard feelings.  Just like thinking people enjoying mountain fishing at its best.  At the end of the day, the worse thing that happens is that a few fish may have to give there all for someone's dinner or smoking rack. Mostly it’s catch and release, goodbye, thanks for the fun catch you later.

Where do I like to fish?  I’ll fish anywhere there’s water, but mostly in the lakes and rivers of the High Sierra Mountains of Northern California. I rather hook Trout and Bass, but when you get right down to it, even an old carp can be good times.

Take some time and get some smarts, look at the links on this page. Start by looking at some of the fish at left, fish in my neighborhood. Explore the rest of the Fishing Links on this page, then after:

Medical Marijuana

If you so like click here to learn something about Medical Marijuana.

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420 inc Fishing

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